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Scuba Lessons

Nase scuba diving lessonsOpen Water Scuba Diver Certification Course

Learn to Scuba Dive and Become a Certified Diver: This is where you start. The NASE Open Water Diver course it is easy, fun and puts you on the road to a lifetime of Underwater Adventure.

The cost of the Open Water class is $649.99. This includes the E-Learning, Classroom and Pool instruction, a log bbook, certification card, and the use of our rental equipment during both the pool and certification dives.

What is Involved in Scuba Lessons?

The NASE Open Water Diver course consists of:

Self Study: Using the convenient NASE E Learning program.
Skill Development: Generally six to ten hours spent in a swimming pool with your instructor.
Open-Water Training Dives: Put your new skills to work while logging over 100 minutes of bottom time with your instructor.

Who Can Take This Scuba Course?

To take this course, you must:

Be at least 10 years old.
Be comfortable and relaxed in water too deep to stand (able to swim 200 meters, any combination of strokes, no time limit, and able to float, drownproof, or tread water.
Be able to answer No to all questions on the NASE Medical History form, or secure a physician’s approval for diving prior to the start of the course.